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Canada needs more professional employees to counter its crucial shortages in the labor market. One of those professional occupations is as an attorney who may work under different names in this article we are going to help you find the best immigration consultant and lawyers to immigrate to Canada.

However, before you start to practice law in Canada, you would need to check your current credentials and apply for conversion to the appropriate authority, which in this case is the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) that operates in conjunction with the national lawyers’ Association (NLA).

You will also need to write the Canadian bar exam to do this conversion but qualified candidates will only be permitted to practice in provinces and territories, not including Quebec.

Discover how to make the move and immigrate through one of the different paths to Canada as a lawyer. Connect Canada immigration services inc, Canada is actually one of the top immigration destinations with the aim of bringing more than a million foreign nationals into the country in the next three years.

However, if you’re already employed in a semi-skilled or unskilled profession, there are plenty of other top careers that don’t need a degree in the field to perform.

The practice of law in Canada has many benefits, beginning with a salary that ranges from about $137,500 a year. In addition, each territory & province in Canada benefits from free basic education and public healthcare, and Canada is also known for its high quality of life & diversity.

Lawyers are labeled as skill level A (skilled workers) under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) and have many immigration pathways open for them in Canada.

Top immigration lawyers in Canada

Converting your skills

When you are going to practice law in Canada you will need to have accepted credentials. This recognition includes that you pass the Canadian bar examination and completing an assessment process that tells local employers that you are eligible for recruiting. You may apply to be tested at any time because this is treated as a separate immigration procedure.

Immigration lawyers in Canada

Best ways to immigrate to Canada

There are quite a few best ways to immigrate to Canada including:

Receiving sponsorship from a family living in Canada as a citizen
Permanent resident (PR), working on a temporary work permit in a specified profession
Studying at a recognized Canadian university, preferably an on-demand one.
Provincial Nominee Program
The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) has been developed to resolve community-level unique labor market crises. 11 Of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories, 11 participate in this system and each provides their own pathways towards permanent residency.

Express Entry System

Your profile is then calculated in accordance with the Comprehensive Ranking System ( CRS) which is a set of parameters listed below that gives a total score.

Comprehensive Ranking System Criteria Awards Points For:

CLB Language proficiency (English and French)
Work Experience (In and outside Canada)
Level of Education (In and outside Canada)
Provincial Nomination achieved
Arranged employment
Siblings living in Canada as permanent residents/citizens
Your spouse’s profile (if married)

Why employ an Attorney?

Best Immigration Lawyers in Canada

Hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer isn’t mandatory. Citizenship and Immigration Canada make it clear that, as a result of utilizing representation, no special attention would be paid to a case. So why hire an experienced immigration lawyer from Canada instead of applying for it on your own?

The fact is that while certain procedures and types of Canadian immigration may appear straightforward, the underlying legal requirements and implications are highly nuanced. The implications of not doing things right the first time ranged from lengthy delays to a disappointing judgment and a senior Canadian immigration lawyer should have prevented much of the errors made by those who self-represent.

As Canadian Bar Association (CBA) put it,” Because of the inclusion of compelling evidence regarding the avoidance of mistakes or relevant information and the merits of the case, the outcome would be quicker and more beneficial for a lawyer with years of experience and knowledge.”

Best Immigration Lawyers in Canada

It is worth being right the first time to find the best immigration office in Vancouver. Provincial bar associations govern Vancouver immigration lawyers by ensuring that they meet the required qualifications, expertise, and professional standards. However, when hiring a lawyer, it is the duty of the client to carefully review his or her options.

Immigration for Industry

The Business / Investor Immigration Program could be an attractive fast-track Canadian citizenship choice for business people or managers seeking to immigrate to Canada. If you would like to make a qualified investment in Canada or acquire/establish a business in Canada, please contact us to discuss your options.

Canadian Work Permits

A Canadian job offer is usually required before one can start the process of obtaining a work permit. There are categories of exemption from work permits, where individuals may enter the Canadian labor market without a Canadian work permit. There are also cases where people can qualify for an open work permit and circumvent the process of Labor Market Opinion (LMO).

Canadian Study Permits

In general terms, the first step towards obtaining a Canadian study permit is to gain admission to a Canadian institution. For educational programs in Canada which last six months or less, a study permit is not currently necessary.


Best Immigration Consultant to emigrate to Canada
Equally important is the value of money spent as a successful outcome. Some might be surprised to learn that many Toronto immigration lawyers never meet their Canada immigration customer service. Candidates applying for citizenship often live in foreign countries and do not automatically gain entry to the same town or area as their counsel.

Immigration to Canada is conducted at the federal level and most application procedures are supported by mail correspondence, however complicated they may be. As a result, many best immigration lawyers in Toronto, Canada have built a centralized and disconnected way to represent their clientele. The demand for immigration services in Toronto is so high that, once you have paid them a retainer fee, many attorneys do not even give consultation.

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