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Temple University Scholarships for International Merit In The USA, 2020-21

Stipend Description:

Temple University International Merit funding is open to Foreign Students in the USA, 2020-21. The scholarship makes undergraduate program(s) taught at Temple University in the area of All Subjects. The scholarship deadline is 01 Nov 2020.


Grade Level:

Temple University International Merit funding is eligible for completing Undergraduate Level programs at Temple University in the USA, 2020-21.


Subjects available:

Under this scholarship program, the following subject is available for review.

All Subjects


Nationalities qualified to vote:

This scholarship program is open to Foreign Students.


Benefits on scholarship:

Via this form, you will get a full-tuition reward of $1,000.

Temple awards are worthy of scholarships for foreign students with good academic records. The amount and importance of merit support would depend on the funding availability and the size, consistency, and features of the total applicant pool.


Criteria for Qualifying:

To qualify for the # YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship, you have to  Be a foreign student in the first year. A foreign applicant is a person who has citizenship in a country outside the U.S. and who also does not have U.S. citizenship or permanent residence.



A high school outside the U.S. attends (or graduates from) Display engagement and personal effort in intercultural interaction and integration practices.


Procedure to apply:

This application will not obtain formal approval.

After successfully registering on an approved study program by the deadline, all applicants will be automatically selected for this prize. Send in your application for admission and all relevant documentation within the deadlines for the submission.

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