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Global Scholarships Program-Clark University USA

Stipend Description:

Global Scholars Program Scholarships — Clark University USA is open to foreign students The scholarship requires bachelor-level programs in the field of qualifying bachelor programs taught at Clark University Open (Nov / Aug) is the scholarship deadline.


Grade Level:

Global Scholarships Program-Clark University USA is available at Clark University for completing Bachelor Level programs.


Subjects available:

Within this scholarship program, the following subject is available for review.


Nationalities qualified to vote:

Global Scholars Program Scholarship is open to students from all nationalities, worldwide.


Benefits from Scholarships:

If you’re accepted to the Global Scholars Program, you’ll earn a scholarship of $15,000 to $25,000 a year (for four years, depending on academic renewal standards).


Criteria for Eligibility:

You must be a first-year candidate who has been attending school overseas for at least four years, in order to apply.


Clark would also recognize foreign people attending US education.

Your eligibility to earn a scholarship depends on your academic performance (those listed on your application for admission), not on your family’s need.


Procedure to apply:

If you are interested in this scholarship Program just check that option when you complete the Common Application.  You will also provide specific information on how to apply for the scholarship and the subject of the short essay.


The deadline to apply the essay is Nov. 15 for the candidates for Early Action and Early Decision I, and Feb. 1 for the candidates for Regular Decision and Early Decision II. When a merit scholarship is awarded to you, you will be informed upon obtaining your acceptance decision.

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